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Dental Services throughout Edmonton


A few small cosmetic changes can make a huge difference in how you look and feel! Something as simple as using fillings that match the colour of your teeth (rather than the silver-coloured type) results in a smile that looks bright and natural. More extensive work such as crowns, veneers, inlays or onlays are other highly effective methods for making you feel good about your smile, while also providing you with stronger teeth. We customize every cosmetic treatment for each patient and we will do everything we can to make your treatments simple, painless and, most importantly, affordable. Please call us today to book a consultation at any one of our Edmonton locations.  Five Edmonton locations! Choose the one that's close to home or work. We'll be happy to schedule your appointments at the time and place that's most convenient for you.  

As is the case in any area of health care, the field of dentistry continues to benefit from new technology and advancements. The impact of these advances can be seen and felt not only in the form of faster, more efficient treatments but also in significant, welcome improvements in patient comfort. At Infinity Dental, because our goal is to provide you with the best care, we continually evaluate new technologies and keep abreast of the most current techniques. It is a source of pride that we bring the highest standard of services into our offices and provide the best possible dental care, tailored to each person's individual needs.

The staff in our downtown location is ready to welcome you during your busy work day Mondays through Fridays from 10 am to 3 pm. We know you have things to do and little time to spare, so we're located right inside the Edmonton City Centre, not far from the convenient underground parking. Give us a call at 780-476-6226 or email, and we'll be happy to book an appointment that fits around your schedule.  New patients and dental emergency patients are always welcome! We appreciate your referrals to family and friends.  

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Our range of services includes everything you might need to attain and keep a healthy smile for life. We know that your dental needs are unique, and so your plan for dental care must also be personalized. Before recommending any treatment, our staff will thoroughly assess your oral health as well as your overall health, and we'll clearly explain our recommended treatments so you can be comfortable in your care decisions.

With so many dental services available, the perfect smile is yours for the taking - all you have to do is give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you!

Cosmetic dentistry is another area of dental care where the technology changes very quickly; new procedures have been made available and affordable so that enhancing your smile is something anyone can consider. White fillings, veneers, crowns and more are all great ways to give you confidence, but one of the fastest ways to restore your smile to its natural beauty is through simple, safe and non-invasive whitening.

If your smile is dull or stained from food and drink, fluorosis or age, a whitening treatment will make your smile sparkle once again and the effects are long-lasting. Many of our patients choose Zoom! treatment, which is a pain-free method for getting your teeth an average of 8 shades whiter in just an hour! Provided your teeth and gums are healthy, the process involves applying a gel and a light source that break up the stains on your teeth and leave you with a bright smile. We invite you to call any of our dental offices in Edmonton to schedule an appointment and find out if you are a candidate for Zoom! teeth whitening.  We have two locations in south Edmonton. Our first is between Calgary Trail and Gateway Boulevard, just south of Whitemud Drive, and we're open here from Monday through Saturday. Our other location in the south end of Edmonton is at the corner of Parsons Rd and Ellerslie, in the Ellerslie Crossing plaza. This dental clinic is also open Monday through Saturday, with extended evening hours. You will find plenty of free parking for both locations as well, and our welcoming staff is looking forward to hearing from you at 780-425-4333 or 780-485-0562.  

With five locations in Edmonton, Infinity Dental offers you consistent and professional dental services in your own neighbourhood, or close to your place of work. Our dental care teams are dedicated to helping you achieve optimal oral health throughout your life, whether your need is for standard hygiene therapy, for specialized dental treatments such as teeth whitening or Invisalign straightening, or functional services such as surgery or implants.

Our highly trained and talented dentists are proud to serve the Edmonton community. Dr. Omar Nsair and Dr. Hussien Nsair are both native Edmontonians who started their academic careers at the University of Alberta. Their DDM studies were completed in the west (Dr. Omar in Manitoba, Dr. Hussien in BC), but they both returned to Edmonton to practice dentistry in their home town (although only one of them admits to being an Oilers fan). Dr. Peter Bradley originates from Regina, and studied in Ontario, but is very pleased to call Edmonton home where he is fortunate to spend time with his grandchildren. Together with the fourth member of the dental team, Dr.Yousra Kheireddie, they offer a warm and welcoming environment where they guarantee professionalism, courtesy, and putting their patients' needs first while striving to provide expert dental care for the whole family.  Our north Edmonton location is on the corner of 137 Ave NW and 97 St NW, across from the Northgate Transit Center. We are pleased to offer convenient clinic hours at this office from Monday through Saturday, including evening appointments, and ample free parking! Call us at 780-456-2552 or email, or just stop by!  

Visit your neighbourhood Infinity Dental office today! Whether you live or work downtown or in north or south Edmonton, one of our 5 locations will be convenient for you. Our goal is to provide high-quality, comprehensive, long-term dental care. We are taking new patients in all of our clinics, and we also welcome emergency patients.

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5 Convenient Locations

9711 137th Ave.
Edmonton, AB
T: 780-456-2552
Mon.:9am - 7pm
Tues.:9am - 7pm
Wed.:9am - 7pm
Thurs.:9am - 7pm
Fri.:9am - 6pm
Sat.:9am - 3pm
105 Edm. City Centre W
Edmonton, AB
T: 780-476-6226
Mon.:10am - 3pm
Tues.:10am - 3pm
Wed.:10am - 3pm
Thurs.:10am - 3pm
Fri.:10am - 3pm
830 Parsons Road W
Edmonton, AB
T: 780-485-0562
Mon.:9am - 7pm
Tues.:9am - 7pm
Wed.:9am - 7pm
Thurs.:9am - 7pm
Fri.:9am - 5pm
Sat.:10am - 3pm
South Boulevard
4224 Gateway Blvd.
Edmonton, AB
T: 780-425-4333
Mon.:9am - 5pm
Tues.:9am - 5pm
Wed.:9am - 5pm
Thurs.:10am - 6pm
Fri.:9am - 5pm
Sat.:10am - 3pm
Dental Lab
300 8225-105 Street
Edmonton, AB
T: 780-436-4404
Mon.:8am - 4pm
Tues.:8am - 4pm
Wed.:8am - 4pm
Thurs.:8am - 4pm
Fri.:8am - 4pm